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Diane let me thumb through her extra copy of her "little book" as she called it. I was blown away by how it made me feel about her. I always knew she was very professional and earnest but she reveals the thought behind the babe. Very Fun and positive and I really loved the pictures! I adore her and her book. Not possible to "thumb" through this. Once you open will read it all.

- Kimmy Robertson

Quite honestly one of the BEST biographies I have ever read. Diane Franklin went from modeling to commercials, then on to film and television. She lived her life with great values and a loving mother and father who stood behind her every step of the way. The support her family showed Diane,  reflects on the way she has been to her fans all these years. When I read this book, I felt I time warped back to the 80's and experiences all those great moments once again, but this time I felt like I was right there with the great star. Through her ups and downs ending at the very top of a colorful and bright career that will never be forgotten, Diane to this day is still winning the hearts of her fans.  After I read her amazing book, she won my heart all over again. If you have ever wanted to meet Diane, but haven't had the chance like myself, after I read her book, I felt like I had met her, but I also met Diane Franklin like I had never thought of before. The insight to her career,  her family, photos that have never surfaced until now was a real treat. This book is the story of a great gem that shines brighter with every page. If you thought Diane stole your heart in the 80's, wait til you read her amazing lives story. I could read Diane Franklin's book again and again. If your a huge Diane Franklin fan, once you turn the pages, you will fall in love with her all over again like you did in the 80's. Her biography is nothing short of amazing!!

- Scott Hoffman

The book is a treat for the 80s' film fan with fascinating and delightful reminiscences from an actress who was a major participant of several iconic movies of that decade.  A nice blend of biographical anectodes and life lessons that carries from her childhood to the present.  Fully illustrated with never before seen photos rounds out the perfect capsule of a beloved and not forgotten era.

- Ken Chin

When I was in my 20's in the 1980's, a beautiful brunette graced the screen in the popular romantic comedies of the time. Her name is Diane Franklin, and into the 90's and 2000's I always wondered what happened to my celluloid "dream girl". When I happened to see she was going to be attending a celebrity convention in New Jersey, I finally got the chance to meet this funny, attractive engaging actress and saw that she was just as funny, attractive and engaging in person even 25 years later. I purchased her book a couple of months later, and through an "excellent adventure" of receiving the book, I delved into the private life of my favorite 80's icon. This book is an honest tale of how hard work, talent, and perseverance will not only get you through the pitfalls of Hollywood and fame, but how those same beatitudes will form the person that Diane is today. Packed with rare pictures of Diane from her early advertising days to present day,this autobiography is a MUST READ for anyone who would like to pursue a career in entertainment and still take the high road of a fulfilling and rewarding life.

- Dave Almeida

Diane Franklin is an actress I really admire, which is why I wanted to read her Biography. The book was an honest and refreshing read, from start to finish. It starts out with her early childhood, and goes through, and up to her movie career.  The book is so descriptive, you feel like Diane is sitting next to you telling her story to you. She talks about each event from her television commercials and modeling career,  to each film she was in. Diane gives the reader a good inside view in each chapter of what it was like for her as a model and actress. I highly recommend this book 'Diane Franklin-The Excellent Adventures of The Last American, French Exchange Babe of the 80's.

- Beth Dutton Garberick

A wonderful read from start to finish. It gave me a fresh prospective of one of my favorite actresses from the 80”s. I loved how Diane broke down chapters on each of her movies, along with insight into her early career modeling in New York. One of the best things about this book was all the wonderful photo’s that Diane included in each chapter that helped take use through not only a verbal trip through her career but also a visual ride as well. It’s nice to see that things turned out really well for her after entertaining us all through the 80’s. Bravo to you Diane & Bravo to your wonderful story.

- Micky Aruty

I read your book and wanted to tell you it's fantastic. I really enjoyed reading about you journey. Your tenacity, dedication & passion for your craft is inspiring. I loved the chapters for each film. It's nice to hear about your experiences making these excellent films. Especially since dvd releases of your films are unfortunately lacking in the special features department. You truly are the most excellent babe of the 80s and still going strong today. Best of luck with your book. Much love

- Neil Alstatt Jr.

I read your book a couple of months ago. I found it to be a very honest look at Hollywood and the movie industry especially for a teenage actress. Having grown up in the 80's and having a chance to see all these movies in an actual movie theater this book brought back some great memories of my own childhood and gave your fans a good look into your own life. Well worth the read.

- David Steigbigel

The Excellent Adventures of The Last American French-Exchange Babe of the 80‘s is Diane Franklin’s personalized tome of her career spanning from early childhood modeling to adolescent commercial acting to her teens as many of her screen characters have been immortalized in television and movies of the 80's. She often pokes fun at the perception of her being the innocent sweet girl next door, a sultry seductress, or an evil siren. If you’ve pictured her as such then she’s done her self described job of 'being the character’ not just playing it. She discusses her beginning years and how she matured quickly, using strong self discipline and drive to ensure excellent performers and professionalism.

The things I liked best about the book itself was her creative use of pictures on almost every page, if all you did was flip through you’d get a strong visual history of her body of work with no words needed. Her stories about each experience are fun and interesting and witty. She even includes film ratings which I found kind of amusing but definitely useful for those 80‘s kids that want to show their young’ens some of her work.

Though her most known and popular role is arguably Better Of Dead’s French Foreign Enchange student Monique Junet and though I give a definite nostalgic nod to punker Suzy Putterman my personal favorite character (and her most challenging) was her portrayal of Patricia Montelli in Amityville II The Possession, one of the few films that truly terrified me as a child. The scene of her trying to seduce the priest has been forever embedded in my subconscious.

She also discusses why she left acting, the reason for the book and the joy she now has with her family and watching them pursue their passions. She stills acts occasionally and I had the extreme pleasure of meeting her at a convention last year in Indianapolis. Its not every day you get to tell someone ‘you helped traumatize my childhood’.... and then thank them for it.

Whether your a fan of her or the movies she’s been in this book gives great insight and some ‘behind the scenes’ insider info into some of the best celluloid the 80's had to offer. 

- Help! What awesome fan wrote this!?

Answering every question you would want to ask and – even more rewardingly – giving insight into where Diane Franklin came from and how she progressed through her life and career, this autobiography will expand the minds and hearts of anyone who has ever been struck by Diane’s singular presence. If you’ve been one of those admirers hoping since 1982 for her story, this book proves to be well worth the wait.

The Collector’s Edition is personalized, not only in form but also in content. It is a must-have not only because of the amazing pictures – a treasure trove of rare imagery, spanning decades – but also because Diane is able to objectively ID just what it was that made her so compelling as her acting career alighted in the 1980s.

The early portions, about her childhood and early career highlights that even longtime fans are not familiar with, convey an inner strength and fortitude. This clearly comes from within (by way of upbringing) but also drives the telling of the autobiography itself. A core of self-confidence that was by necessity nurtured is something that so many people can relate to – that’s why men and women alike will learn about themselves from this book.

In terms of the acting process, Diane articulates elements that are rarely seen/heard/quantified; what it means to act, with concentration – physical and otherwise. Of course this is frequently discussed among acting teachers and students, but how often does it get seriously addressed in an actor’s autobiography? Reading these passages, it is easy to see why Diane has been able to mentor students.

With individual chapters, each movie – and characterization – is given their due. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, Diane writes beautifully about her ability to relate to those characters. How many times has one read an autobiography where something is glossed over, to the reader’s frustration? Not here; the LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN chapter is exceptional because Diane addresses the character and the different interpretations of her in full. Truly thought-provoking, as in, people may reassess their own perspectives on Karen – and of Diane’s portrayal.

Written with humor and sensitivity, this book is a great trip back in time with Diane while also affirming the value of looking ahead. If you’re on this website and reading this review, then you’re probably already inclined to get the book. Do it! You’ll be glad you did.

 - Jason Simos

The book was interesting, not the usual drug & alcoholic abused child growing up poor. But a girl happy with her childhood. Not the anorexic young lady needing plastic surgery because she thinks she not good enough, But a happy young lady. Nor an actress complaining about being stereotype & pushing her politicalviews on the readers. Thank you. Although I didn't read the whole book yet, it was refreshing to read about someone actually happy about how her life turned out. FYI last american virgin or better off dead were not my favorites, terrorvision was. I'm a monster & horror fan.......

- R.J. Zuber


If you are interested in reading an honest, candid autobiography about an incredibly talented individual, then actress Diane Franklin has just what you're looking for. Diane's book, "The Excellent Adventures of the Last American French Foreign Exchange Babe of the 80s" tells not only the story of her rise to becoming one of the most iconic actresses of the 1980s, but it also tells of her rise to becoming one of the most talented and hardest - working celebrities of our time. A definite must - read for anyone who aspires to working in the entertainment industry.

- Matt Coleman

I read your book a couple of months ago. I found it to be a very honest look at Hollywood and the movie industry especially for a teenage actress. Having grown up in the 80's and having a chance to see all these movies in an actual movie theater this book brought back some great memories of my own childhood and gave your fans a good look into your own life. Well worth the read.

David Steigbigel


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